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About us

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About Us

Are you an organization looking to cultivate your emerging leaders?

Are you an individual emerging leader, first-time leader, or manager who wants to become a leader yet lacks the tools to lead your team? Do you feel failure is inevitable due to a lack of leadership expertise?

Are you an emerging leader or leader serious about your personal and professional growth?

Are you interested in monthly leadership and professional development programs to growth your leadership and professional development skills?

Are you interested in the opportunity to learn and ask questions and participate in group coaching?

Are you interested in being part of a great community?

Whether you are an organization or individual, if you answered ‘yes’ to most of these questions, then the DBBA is a place for you.

I'm Dr. Maurine Kwende

My name is Dr. Maurine Kwende, founder of the DBBA. I have over 20 years of experience in learning and development, human resource development, leadership, coaching, strategic planning, scrum, and agile project management. I have a Ph.D. in learning Technologies Design Research from George Mason University.  (Click here for my full bio to learn more)

Many years ago, I was promoted to a leadership position without training yet expected to lead. How can emerging leaders, future leaders, new leaders, and managers who want to become leaders be expected to lead effectively without proper training? No wonder I struggled and failed at it; best, I was a positional leader. It took me over 20 years of trial and error and failure to learn from it, and now I have used my experiences and expertise to create offerings/services to help you succeed. You don’t have to waste resources trying to figure it out like I did. Allow me help you. Select the links below to learn more about our services:

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About Features

Our specialites

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This complimentary quarterly webinar series is available to the DBBA community on the last Friday at noon every quarter via Zoom. To grow professionally, you need also to grow personally. This program covers a range of topics on leadership and personal growth.

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The DBBA cohort program is a paid program for those who want to go beyond what is covered in the leadership and professional development webinar series. The cohort program is a 6 weeks program for leaders, new leaders, first time managers offered three times a year.

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Are you a new leader, a first-time manager, a professional eager to be part of a community with those serious about their personal and professional growth? Then the Dream Big and Boldly Academy (DBBA) private community is for you.

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Are you searching for flexible learning options that fit your busy schedule? Look no further than the Dream Big and Boldly Academy (DBBA) online courses. We understand that not everyone can join onsite or synchronous programs due to time constraints. That’s why we’ve developed a range of courses that offer lifetime access, allowing you to learn at your own pace. Our course catalog includes both paid and free options to cater to your needs.

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This if for individuals.When you join the DBBA, every month you will receive the right tools including a leadership and personal growth plan to equip you to become the leader of your dreams.

The leadership and personal growth plan will empower you to take your leadership to the next level. The DBBA also gives you an opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals in an experiential learning environment to learn and grow with and also for accountability purposes.




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